Trailer Spaces

The area for trailers is located within the farm and has a beautiful view. Just below the trailer spaces are football- and volleyball fields and lots of lawn area for playing.

The trailer spaces are connected to electricity, water and sewage. Shower- and toilet facilities are located right next to the trailer spaces.

Arrival from 12 oclock, departure until 11 oclock.

Pitch (80 - 100sqm), current (no heating current), hot water for washing and showering, always for a camping unit (caravan / car, motorhome or tent / car) 9,00
Adults aged 14 years 7,00
Children til 13 years 5,00
Dog 2,00
Bicyclists per person (includive/parking fee is waived) 8,00

The use of recreational facilities, barefoot-path and labyrinth are included.

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