Adventure Barefoot Path

On foot about without shoes or stockings. Our barefoot path takes you and your children through wonderful countryside past woods and naturally growing meadows. Various subsoil, such as iron ore, quartz sand, basalt, slate foundlings, lava or clay, loam and sludge, make the walk a wonderful experience; everywhere something new can be found in the meadows, on the insect nesting sites, around the pond.

We are promising you an experience for all senses
First the path comes around the reed. Follow the marked road to the cable cars (use only for children). Then the path goes down to the water tread basin and left around the pond to the mud basin. Opposite the basin you will find a bench to rest a while.


Path Stations

  • Straw and mud
  • Basalt Sand
  • Taunus Quartz Foundling
  • Slate Foundling
  • Lava
  • Field Pebbles
  • River Pebbles
  • Timber Shreds
  • Lava Basalt
  • Sand
  • Meditation Stone- and Basket
  • Iron ore
  • Sandstone Blocks
  • Pumice
  • Trim Trail
  • 30 m cable car
  • Water Step Basin
  • Insect Nesting Place
  • Reptile Heap
  • Adventure Pond
  • Scattered Fruit Meadows
  • Elder Plantation
  • Nature Educational Path

Daily rates for guests:

3 for adult
2 for children

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